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Blkdance-Tek Courses


You are invited to join the course of your choice, each course study is designed to promote an awareness, understanding and appreciation for the artistic expression of Blkdance as a means of artistic, creative, cultural, educational and communal development.

Afro Caribbean Dance
Takes you on a tropical journey of rhythmic movement skills, styles and techniques allowing each participant to embrace the vast authentic and unique cultures of the British, French and Spanish Caribbean Islands.
West Afrikan Dance
Introduces the learner to a wide variety of traditional cultures as the participant engages in unique styalized dances taken from the old Malian Empire.
Dance Hall
Provides a unique exotic style of Jamaican cultural and social movement skills, it brings another 20th century Afro Caribbean creative expression to the classroom. 
Afro Jazz
Fuses contemporay movement skills with traditional Jazz and street dance skills, it engages the participant in a collision of cultural Blkdance eras.
Hip Hop Fusion
This style is predominantly inspired by Hip Hop dance and fuses various styles such as; Caribbean, West Afrikan, Dance Hall and Contemporary movements......
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