Art In Motion under the direction of Danny Diallo Hinds, offers an opportunity to the community to participate in an environment that is both culturally and historically sensitive with a wide variety of artistic and creative expressions geared to inspire, educate, motivate and elevate minds.

This multiplicity of artistic expressions are shared weekly in an experience of Blkdance-tek classes for both children and adults, Art In Motion also offers opportunities in an entertainment environment of both small and large stage performances that are designed to cater to any all types of audiences.

Art In Motion is a professional Multi-performing arts organization with an extensive repertoire of music and dance taken from Afrika, Caribbean, Central, Southern, and Northern America.

Our educational environment is centered around an axis of Blkdance-tek training which is a multiplicity of complex movement studies designed to offer holistic experiences of:

Technical training,
Dance education,
Cultural art studies,
Performance studies,
Complex movement studies,
Physical and mental development,
Health and fitness


ART IN MOTION, 2711 Troost Ave, Kansas City MO. 64132 

816 214 0714 blkdancebajan@gmail.com - www.blkdance-tek.com

Dance styles and cultures:

Afro Caribbean
Traditional Afrikan
Afro/ Contemporary Jazz & Modern

Hip Hop

Dance Hall





Enhance instruction in all subject areas

  • Promotes self-esteem

  • Promotes self-discipline

  • Develops critical thinking skills

  • Develops leadership skills

  • Bridges cultural differences

  • Fosters cultural affirmation

  • Provides hands on activities for building specific skills in performing dance.


Danny Diallo Hinds


Danny Diallo Hinds artistic career began with the Yoruba Foundation in Barbados 1975, his teaching career began with the Barbados Dance Theatre in 1978, and as a Cultural Arts Specialist and consultant Danny Hinds has taught Pre-K to tertiary both in the Caribbean and in the USA.


In 1982 while attending and teaching at an American Contemporary Dance Teachers Certification Course in Haiti, Diallo received an opportunity to further his studies with the Late Katherine Dunham at the Katherine Dunham Performing Arts Center at Edwardsville, Southern Illinois University, Illinois. 1982-84.


After moving to Chicago Illinois 1988, Diallo has worked as Assistant Director with Najwa Dance Corps, and Christian Community Services, he also worked as Social Reform Arts Consultant with Bobby E. Wright Mental Health Foundation, and Dance Education teacher with Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, Illinois.


In 1990, Diallo founded and directed Sundance Production School of Dance and Performing Arts, Chicago Illinois, then in 1999 Diallo was invited to serve as Cultural Arts Director and Teacher with ACETI at ACECC for the Kansas City School District. In 2002 Diallo was invited to assist in the growth and development of Dance as a means of Educational development in the Caribbean Island of Barbados, where he served as Cultural Arts Officer for Dance with the National Cultural Foundation.

While living and working in Barbados, Through the government of Barbados via The National Cultural Foundation and the Youth Development Program, Diallo introduced various methods and practices of teaching, studying and performing cultural and artistic styles of Blkdance-tek both at the Community and National level. At the community level he created a prototype that saw the growth and development of a prosperous community organization of drummers, and dancers, "The Haynesville Youth Club". 


At present Diallo is Cultural Arts Director and Teacher with ACCPA K-8 for the Kansas City School District, KCMO, Diallo is also founder and director of Art In Motion Blkdance School of Dance Kansas City Missouri.


Diallo has a mission to produce cultural and artistic experiences for children, teens, and adults in an effort to promote creativity, performance skills, awareness, understanding and appreciation for the arts as a means of education and cultural development. 

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